How it works

No Clutter

The light and fan are all attached to the top bucket. All wires can be placed on the side or on the top of the top bucket. You don't have wires hanging over to the bottom bucket.

Reflective Interior

The interior is lined with aluminum reflective tape. The reflective tape helps disperse the light effectively to help your plant grow to it's fullest.

Compact Size

With a 12.5 diameter, you can fit this in a small space. You can fit this in a closet, basement, or garage.

Opaque Exterior

The exterior of our buckets is black. It's perfect for keeping light out when you want your plants to sleep.


The powerful 1600 RPM fan moves an adequate amount of air to control heat and humidity and to provide passive root aeration. The fan draws air through the bottom holes at the bottom and sides of the base bucket, pulling in cool air and CO2 into the grow chamber.

Adjustable Height

The bucket can start at a height of 22". As you grow your seeds and transplants, you can keep the light close to help them grow faster. As your plant, grows and gets closer to the light, you can use the 2 bucket extensions to adjust the height up to 33".

External Watering Hole

Water the plant from the external watering hole. Pour water into the external watering hole until the reservoir overfills from the hole.

Reservoir watering (self-watering)

The water reservoir is designed to effectively save you precious time between watering. The water in the water reservoir will wick up the soil from the plastic wicking cup, into the fabric grow bag, into the soil in the fabric grow bag, and to the root of your plant.

Internal Fabric Pot

The fabric pot naturally air prunes your plant’s roots. When the roots hit the side of the fabric pot, they detect air through the fabric. That tells the plant to focus on expanding the root system instead of circling a few roots around the edge of the container. This encourages vigorous plant growth and discourages root binding and root circulation. The fabric pots offer optimal conditions to allow essential air flow into your soil. This allows your roots to stay healthy and to properly use the available nutrients in your soil or soilless media.

24-hour timer

The included timer can be set for any time period in 1/2 hr increments to tailor the light schedule to your plant's growth. Whether it's to help your plants veg or to bloom.